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To inspire, encourage, train and work alongside the African church

Published on September 26, 2018 under news
To inspire, encourage, train and work alongside the African church

Brian Myrholm, one of AIM Canada’s long-term missionaries, sat across the table from our staff and shared the slide that you see here.  He serves in an organization called Global Link Afrika which has a goal of raising up and sending Ugandans to help fulfill the Great Commission.  The potential within the African evangelical church is huge.  If 1 in every 1000 African evangelical Christians were to say yes to the call of God to go and become a cross-cultural missionary, we would see a mighty army sent out into the world to proclaim the Truth.

It is easy for those of us who live in Canada to sit back and think that our job is over.  Yet while there is a decided shift from the church in the global north taking the lead in world missions, it doesn’t mean that our job is done.

Consider the challenges that Africans have when they sense God’s call to missions:

  • Who will provide for the parents and grandparents? Families sacrifice greatly to pay the school fees and expenses for their children to go to school – in order for them to provide for the whole family through their professional work after they graduate.  If a son/daughter becomes a missionary and is reliant on others for their income, who will provide for the extended family?
  • Who will take their place in the local church? Pastors are often reluctant to bless their best and brightest to leave local church ministry to move to a place where people have never heard about Jesus.
  • How will missionaries be supported? Western models of missions, where churches and individuals give so that others can go, is not working well in Africa.  Missionaries often need to learn how to farm or take a second job in order to feed their families.
  • Who are the true missionaries? Many Africans observe what has happened historically and draw the conclusion that missionaries are white people who come from the West.  The challenge, at times, is to inspire the African church with the huge needs … and huge potential of their direct involvement in global missions.

Brian represents one of AIM’s key goals: to inspire, encourage, train and work alongside the African church to send out African missionaries.  The African church has grown significantly and is poised to have a huge impact on unreached African tribes and around the world.  Pray with us that Africans will join the global cause!


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