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The Least of These

Published on July 4, 2019 under news
The Least of These

The ‘Least of These’ a humanitarian project in Africa has been selected as the recipient of funds raised by Africa Inland Mission’s involvement in Ride for Refuge 2019. This project was started by AIM missionaries – Jay and Laura Callaghan during their tenure in Northern Kenya. Laura is a nurse practitioner,and since their return to Canada continue to have oversight of this medical outreach which supports the Samburu people and the surrounding area.

The Samburu are a nomadic tribe who often have no other access to medical care other than through The ‘Least of These’. The project seeks to assist the most vulnerable – widows, orphans, children and the medically fragile in an attempt to reduce mortality and improve their chances of a healthy future.

Care is provided to patients suffering with tuberculosis, and support given to their at risk families through education, medical testing, health surveillance, and providing food and medical supplements.

Now in its 5th year, the project has assisted countless patients with prosthetic limbs and fitted shoes, famine relief as well as sending patients to hospitals for surgicalinterventions for cleft palates, shunt insertions for hydrocephalus and relief for injuries related to severe burns.

Through funds raised, the organization is able to support follow-up care through a part time local community health worker whoprovides encouragement and care during regular visits to patients.

”We are excited to be part of Blue Sea’s philanthropic endeavor on Saturday October 5 to raise support across Canada for worthwhile causes through ‘Ride for Refuge’. We at Africa Inland Mission are seeking to raise $15,000. This cause and the Samburu people are very dear to our hearts. Presently, we have over 100 Africa Inland Mission members working amongst various people groups in more than 20 African countries in an effort to improve their wellbeing, ultimately seeking to make Christ-centred churches among all African peoples”.

AIM’s Canadian Director, Dr. Dan Baetz

We invite you to join us in this worthy cause!


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