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The Callaghan Family

Published on August 23, 2019 under news
The Callaghan Family

Jay and Laura Callaghan, along with their five children; Nate, Luke, Lily, Jesse and Eve currently live in Nova Scotia.  As a family they work with Africa Inland Mission (AIM), with their main focus on Ministry to Africans in Canada (MAC). This focus is carried out through working with African students at local universities as well as running various camps and clubs throughout the year for Africans currently living in Canada in addition to new African refugees within Nova Scotia. While in Canada, Jay is a school teacher while Laura is a nurse practitioner.

In addition to the ministry to African students within Halifax, Jay and Laura continue to oversee the ‘Least of These’ a medical outreach project in North Kenya.

The ‘Least of These’ outreach project focuses on meeting the health needs for some of the most vulnerable people within the Samburu tribe. This includes, but is not limited to, widows, orphans and the medically fragile.

The Samburu people are a nomadic tribe that are known for herding cattle, sheep and sometimes camels. Their belief system involves a god, which they believe is the one who protects them from all surrounding dangers, but also can inflict punishment onto members of the tribe if an elder curses them for a specific reason. This can cause those who are medically fragile to be deemed cursed and casted out of the tribe. Through the ‘Least of These’ project, the doctors and nurses are able to provide the necessary medical care needed to individuals in order to allow them to re-enter their tribe as a good standing member.

The Least of These outreach project is in need of your support. This can be shown through various ways. One way is the upcoming Ride for Refuge Event. Taking place on October 5, 2019, you can walk or ride in support of the ‘Least of These’ project. Africa Inland Mission (AIM) is looking to raise a grand total of $15,000, through the Ride for Refuge event to be sent to the Callaghan family. This money would be used to expand the ‘Least of These’ project throughout the Samburu tribe, and to show the Love and Kindness of our Lord and Saviour.

To learn more about how you can get involved or donate, follow the link to the official AIM page on the Ride for Refuge click – HERE


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