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Ten years later and still as passionate as ever about missions

Published on May 22, 2018 under news
Ten years later and still as passionate as ever about missions

In 2007, Sally Han (far right) served as a short-term missionary with us in Namibia.  Since then, she’s gotten married, had a beautiful little girl and been involved in many entrepreneurial enterprises.  But her heart for missions and Africans didn’t stop once she landed back in Canada.  Sally and her husband, David, have become involved in AIM’s Diaspora Ministry.  Here is Sally’s heart.


Sally, why is it that you’ve been interested in AIM’s Diaspora work?

SH: Being an immigrant myself, I’ve experienced many struggles living in a new country (Canada) with my parents. I remember dealing with racism, A LOT of paper work and translating for my parents and even looked down upon by my teachers and peers. I’m starting to realize this may be the reason why I’ve always related and connected to people of other cultures. I remember my first missions trip to Africa, I didn’t go through culture shock at all, and I felt more related to the Africans than the missionaries. I am so thankful for all the struggles I faced growing up here because of the compassion and love God gave me for immigrants and refugees in Canada.

So, what exactly have you been doing with AIM?
SH: Last year David and I were called to help AIM to raise $30,000 to create life changing camps for African and Syrian refugee children. It was our first experience but definitely wasn’t our last. We successfully helped raise the funds and helped at the camps and got to know the children and listened to their stories. I learned that many of these refugees come from similar backgrounds as us, living a very “normal” life and didn’t expect to face the wars and conflicts right in their neighborhoods. They had no choice to escape and adjust to new life here in Canada. But I am also learning that life for them is even way more challenging than what I had to go through (of course). They deal with a lot of racism and miss their home  and still needing the healing from dealing with many losses.

How can other people get involved?
SH: During this busy season, we are happily volunteering our times and efforts to make a difference in even ONE of these kids’ life. We want to bring them good news, hope and a memorable camp experience.

I know that you too are very busy and a lot more other stuff to worry about. But if you feel in your heart you want to know more about their stories, give back to our community and just do something you are not used to, please join us on May 29th Tuesday at our Fundraising Gala. There will be amazing home-made food and dessert to share, testimonies from the children, live performances and more.

For details or to purchase your tickets, go to: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mac-camps-gala-tickets-45731244383



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