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November 10

Published on November 10, 2019 under prayer

AS* has recently returned home after his 2 year term in North Africa. He writes, “Please pray for a friend to believe the truth about our Lord Jesus Christ and to lead other people to know Him too, both at home and in the country he is working in this year. Please continue to pray for all of the local young men that we met in this past 2 years. It has been an honour to serve the Lord in North Africa, and to be a small part of the grand work He is doing there! Unfortunately, I am not able to share the names of all the local friends due to security reasons, however I know the Lord will answer each of your prayers since he knows each of them by name. Please pray that they will repent of their sins and give their lives to the Lord Jesus at whatever cost, all for His eternal glory! Please pray for my team mates who are back home as well as my team leaders that are retired now, and please pray that I will continue to trust in God alone for all my provision and daily needs as I prepare and raise support in order to be able to return here soon in early 2020.”


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