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Northern Kenya’s Situation Grows Worse

Published on August 1, 2019 under news
Northern Kenya’s Situation Grows Worse

Fundraising Goal : $4,000 in 40 Days

Presently in Northern Kenya, serious droughts are causing a dire situation. With no rain, the farmer’s crops have not been able to grow sufficiently to produce enough food for their families and the local communities. In addition, the various fresh water wells are beginning to dry up causing even more serious conditions. If the drought continues the situation will only grow worse for the people.
We praise God that Africa Inland Mission (Canada) is able to host a campaign to provide people with food and water in the areas most affected by this severe drought. As a Canadian office we are hoping to raise $4,000 in 40 days to help fund the relief aid that is urgently needed to feed and nourish those living within the suffering communities. Canadian Director, Dr. Baetz says, “I believe that within the next 40 days we can raise the funds needed to help the relief effort in Northern Kenya. We trust the Lord will provide for this need.”
We ask that you consider making your financial contribution to assist in the work going on to improve the living conditions of so many people in this region.
Please keep them in your prayers daily.

Visit the Canada Projects Page to learn how to donate to this cause today.


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