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Mission for God

Published on August 2, 2019 under news
Mission for God

Sarphina Chui

Born into a non-Christian home, by God’s grace I was exposed to the Bible at a young age through Christian education. However, I did not know the Lord personally. I moved to Canada in grade 7 and with a cross-cultural background, I’ve always known to be the adventurous one and have a big heart for getting to know people. Thus when I came to know my Lord and Saviour in grade 8 and got to know the urgency of the gospel, I knew in the back of my head that I want to be a part of the cross-cultural ministry. On Christmas break from my schooling at McMaster University, I had the privilege of traveling to Urbana, Illinois for five days. While in Urbana, I felt a strong conviction from the Lord to serve in missions. I prayed that the Lord would prepare my heart and mind, and I began to search for an organization that I could align my beliefs with.

I have officially arrived in Kenya to be a part of an A.I.M. GO Team. The GO Team’s purpose is to develop Christ-like characteristics within believers as well as provide training in how to disciple to people living within Africa. This is done by working through an eight-week program that consists of spending a two-week period of training and learning about the culture and people I will be working with. This is followed by a five week period of time with a missionary based in an African country to serve alongside with a desire to learn about myself, my faith and how to reach the unreached people of Africa. During the final week of the eight-week program there is a one week debriefing period in which, together as a team, we reflect on the lessons we learned throughout our time of service, in addition to helping to prepare us all in our next steps in service for the Lord.
My prayer is that the Lord will reveal the direction He wants me to serve Him in my life. It is my hope to dedicate myself to a role on the mission field that is sincere for serving His people. Colossians 3:23 states that, “whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men” (NIV). This verse reminds me to be bold in my faith, and to give all the glory to God in every aspect of my life.
I also ask that my parents are kept in your prayers. I am praying that through my exuberance in my faith, and my willingness to serve Him, He will open their eyes to His Truth, and they will accept Him as their loving Saviour. I want to thank everyone for all their love, support and prayer thus far for my journey and service. I am looking forward to beginning my time here in Kenya and begin my service in God’s vineyard.
To learn more about Africa Inland Mission or how you can support my travels with prayers visit their website –ca.aimint.org or find them on your favourite social media outlet.


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