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March 28

Published on March 28, 2020 under prayer

Justy Stoesz, retiree living in Winnipeg says, “I have moved to a lovely assisted living place where it is good to meet up with so many who also struggle with ageing. At some point we need help so having 2 meals a day served is wonderful.  I have finally been able to sell the Condo where I lived since returning from Kenya in 2004. I do miss my friends and the swimming there but more are here to enjoy and fellowship. Just last week I had an angiogram done and thanks to God and all who prayed for good results – no stints needed!  Reading and praying with those who are unable to see to read in this new place is an opportunity to minister for the Lord. I had my 7th injection this week for macular degeneration to my eye and the doctor was pleased that good results were seen since the last one. Praising the Lord.”


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