Individual Ministry Placements

Individual placements run between 3 and 12 months— time enough to build significant relationships and make a lasting impression on those you are going to serve.


Our Ministry Interest Form is the first step.

Let us know what you are interested in and we will get back to you with everything you need to know.


Individual Short Term ministry assignments are designed to match your gifts, interests and training with a specific need in Africa.  If possible, we’ll try to pair you with another short-termer. We are looking for short term missionaries who are flexible, enthusiastic about outreach and discipleship, and have a deep love for Jesus.  Tell us your ministry interests and we’ll search for a fitting assignment.

Note: If your area of interest isn’t listed here, don’t hesitate to contact us.  If a current ministry need exists, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.


Samples of Individual Assignments


Beira, Mozambique

Sofala Bible Institute began in 1989 as a way to help local pastors receive sound theological training. Come to beautiful Beira to help theology students practice their English.  You’ll have other ministry opportunities such as youth work and informal Bible studies. Learn more about the school at

3 month minimum.  Portuguese or Spanish an asset.

North Africa

Teaching English is a great way to experience the beautiful culture and warm hospitality of North Africa.  As you teach at this English centre, you’ll be able to build wonderful relationships with students and demonstrate the love of Christ to those who practice other religions.

4 months minimum.



Farming Quest

Farming Quest is an opportunity for long & short term missionaries to come together for 3 weeks to learn how to Farm God’s Way. Held on the Growing Nations demonstration farm in Lesotho, the founder of the project, August Basson and other members of the team will teach the main principles of Conservation Agriculture & Transformational Development. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in practical demonstrations, classroom teachings and to meet local farmers to hear how their lives have been transformed.

Dates: February 24-March 14 2020.  Please apply by December 1, 2019.

Farming Quest 2020 Flyer

Outreach Worker

Kilimo Timilifu is a Christian agricultural organization in southern Tanzania.  Their mission is to train Tanzanians in agricultural entrepreneurship and community outreach, so that they are equipped to be successful, self-supporting farmers, impacting communities along the coast of Tanzania. Come learn about these techniques, while building relationships with both staff and students.

3 months minimum. Learn more about this organization at



Construction Manager: Rift Valley Academy, Kenya

Keep facilities maintained and implement the strategic improvement plans (Dorms, Classrooms, Services Facilities, Staff Houses, Infrastructure development). You will take ownership of specific projects and implement the improvement plans.  While completing the building task, you will train employees in specific construction skills required and teach accountability and work ethic

There are regular opportunities to lead devotions for our national staff and walk with them in their faith journey through mentoring and discipleship.

9-12 weeks.

Mechanic: Dukana, Kenya

Love getting your hands dirty with backyard mechanic such as with diesel  engines & farm equipment maintenance?  Use your creativity and skills in this remote location.  There would also be an involvement with the church/youth group depending on age, gifting and experience.

1 month minimum.


Dorm Parents

Tirrim Secondary School: Korr, Kenya

Korr is located in an outreach area and is in need of dorm parents to staff their secondary school.  This is a private Christian school but due to limited financial resources, it is difficult to pay dorm parents.  Volunteers are essential in this amazing part of northern Kenya.  The location affords opportunities for other involvement, such as informal Bible studies with students, adult literacy with women in the area, ministry in the local church.

9 months – 1 year.



Teachers & Support Staff: Kenya and Tanzania (Boarding Schools)

Since 1909, Rift Valley Academy has been offering education for missionary families from many organizations.  Each year they are in need of teachers, dorm parents, and support staff.  Follow the link to see their current needs.

Haven of Peace Academy (HOPAC) serves ex-pat and national families in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.  They are currently looking for an upper elementary teacher and a high school English Lit teacher.  If you are a student teacher needing to do a practicum, we may be able to place you at HOPAC.

Homeschool Help: Various locations
Because of AIM’s emphasis on reaching the unreached of Africa, many of our personnel serve in remote places, with few local educational options for their children. That’s why we’re so grateful for men and women with teaching gifts and a heart for kids who step forward to serve as homeschool helpers.  Some families are looking for qualified teachers, while others are simply looking for those who love children and are willing to help in any way possible
6-12 months.

Info page:  Home School Teacher

Theological Education: Kapsabet, Kenya

Kapsabet Bible College is a bible training institution in Kenya that trains men and women called by God to serve as pastors, church leaders, teachers, chaplains and missionaries.  Current needs for lectures include theology, music, and English.

3 month minimum.  Masters degree required for theology, BA required for music or English.



Doctors: Kijabe, Kenya

Kijabe Hospital is looking for doctors to fill some key positions.  While some of them may need long-term personnel, if there are those who can come on a short-term basis this will also be most helpful.  Current needs are as follows:  Plastic Surgery, Pathology, Pediatric Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynecology, Family Practice.  Six month placements preferred.

Pediatric Therapist (Physical/Occupational/Speech): North Africa

There is a need for experienced, short term pediatric physical / speech therapists, or special education teachers in a therapy center.  Come to do a two week seminar with the staff.  Longer placements are welcomed and encouraged.


Tech support

IT Specialist/Media Coordinator: Korr, Kenya

In a hot dry desert, Jesus, the Water of Life, is being taught at a small church and school.  Come support their ministry through your gifts of website design and graphics.  You will help share stories through a small newsletter and social media.

6 month minimum.

IT Trainer: Bunia, Congo

A national Christian university is looking for someone to help train their staff and faculty in basic IT skills.  Through basic training in typing and various technologies, you will help support staff as they train up future church leaders.

4 months minimum.  French required

On Field Media (OFM) Team Member: Nairobi, Kenya

OFM produces material that connects the Western Church with African peoples.  This in turn serves, through prayer, support, and involvement, the work of Christ Centered Churches among all African peoples.  OFM is also beginning to produce materials for the African church of a missional nature.  You will be involved in creative writing, video production, and photography.  Depending on the length of your assignment, you could travel to various African countries.

6 month minimum. See OFM’s work:


Youth & Sports Ministry

Youth Worker: Kigali, Rwanda

A church in Kigali is looking for people to join their youth ministry staff.  Twice a year they run week long camps and then continue to disciple the youth and young adults who attended.  You will help develop these relations through Bible studies, sports activities, and other programs.

3 month minimum

Fitness Centre Intern: Mayotte

Stay fit while sharing about Jesus!  This team is looking for someone to reach out to local youth through sports, tutoring, and building relationships.  Must be able to speak & read French.

6 month minimum

Soccer Ministry: Korr, Kenya

This position is to support missionaries and church leaders in their outreach/discipleship ministries. You will be involved in outreach, coaching, training and Bible Study through sports. This may happen through one-on-one visits or more formal small groups according to your initiatives.

3 months minimum.

Camp Counselors

English Camp: North Africa

We need native English speakers who love the outdoors to be camp counselors for kids ages 8-14. Enjoy camping and outdoor activities while also teaching English in an active environment. No special English qualifications are necessary. Each counselor will have an assistant counselor who speaks the local language and can help with translation.

March  to June

Camp Blue Sky: Kenya

Camp BlueSky hosts a series of gospel-centered biblically based camps for Kenyan children, many of whom come from secular backgrounds or families of other faiths. Because of BlueSky’s excellent reputation, parents are willing to send their children fully aware of the camp’s Christian focus.

Camps run May to August.  Talk to us about how long you can serve.




Receptionist/Administrator at English Center: North Africa

Be the first welcoming face for the Centre’s clients and for those who come in to find out about our services. You will manage the cash box and client data base and do filing and other administrative tasks as needed. There will be many opportunities to build relationships with local people, learn language and experience the culture of North Africa.

5 months minimum.

Administrative/Accountant Trainer: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Safina Stree Network is a Tanzania organization that seeks to show Christ’s love to street children through foster homes and other programs.  Safina is seeking an experienced person to help train youth in administrative and accounting job skills.

6 months minimum. Learn more about Safina’s great work



Ethnomusicologist: Kotido, Uganda

Explore the ethnomusicology of the Karimojong, catalog their songs and rhythms, and help local Christians to develop Christian songs in a style that speaks to the heart of the Karimojong of Uganda.

3-6 months.