“I have learned to observe before critiquing, to listen before speaking, to pray before acting, to abide while obeying and to abandon my rights while believing in His Righteousness.”


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Maybe you’ve been thinking about serving in short-term missions for a while now.  Maybe you sense that God has been prompting you to take that step of faith.  But, maybe you’re feeling a little… inexperienced?  One of AIM’s short-term teams could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Many of our experienced missionaries would love to mentor and equip you as you learn how to use your gifts for God’ Kingdom.  Find out which team is right for you.


GO Program

Based in Africa and facilitated by experienced missionaries and national leaders, GO is a two month discipleship and mission training program that seeks to develop Christ-like character and instill basic skills for outreach among unreached people groups. GO combines curriculum-based learning with hands-on experience to help equip young men and women for the Great Commission.

What will I do?

  • Spend 2 weeks studying in a discipleship program.  Topics will include spiritual disciplines, spiritual warfare, basic language acquisition, and cross-cultural living
  • In pairs, you will be placed with a mentor and live among an unreached people group for  5 weeks
  • Spend 1 week with other participants to debrief and share your experiences.

Who can serve?

We are seeking individuals age 19-29 who have a strong desire to bring the Gospel to the unreached.  This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who may want to consider long term cross cultural ministry.  We are seeking 8-10 people for each team.

When is GO happening?

GO East Africa

June 22-August 14, 2020

Applications due March 1, 2020

GO North Africa

Exact dates to be confirmed; mid June- early August, 2020

Applications due:  March 1, 2020

How much will I raise? $7500-$8000

Download the info page Go-Program-2020

FUEL Program

What fuels you?  We are praying that the Lord will cause the hearts of single men from around the world to burn more intensely for the Gospel of Christ to be preached in the hard to reach areas.

What will I do?

Live and breathe missions.  Be taught, discipled, and mentored while living in a remote location where there is little to no church presence.  You will work alongside experienced missionaries and local leaders.  You will be partnered with a national Christian man who will be learning about missions with you.  Not only will you fuel your passion for outreach, but you will also encourage the African Church to fuel her heart for the unreached.

Who can serve?

Young single men.  We are looking to recruit up to 6 members for each team

When is Fuel?


Mid June to mid August, 2020

Application Due:  March 1, 2020


Exact dates to be confirmed; July-August 2020

Application Due: March 15, 2020

How much support will I raise?

Summer team: $7500-$8000

Download the info page: Fuel-Program-2020

Watch the FUEL Madagascar video here

Fuel +

Ready to take your training to the next level? Fuel+ is a one year hands-on training team.  This team is for those strongly considering full term missions but want to gain experience before committing.  The team is for singles or marrieds without school-aged children.

Fuel+ 2020 begins in February or May 2020.

Applications due January 15, 2020

Fuel Plus Info Sheet

The Fuel+ video can be found here


Farming Quest

Are you a farmer? Do you love getting your fingers dirty in fresh soil?  Learn how to use your green thumbs for sharing the Gospel!

What is Farming Quest?: Farming Quest is an opportunity for long & short term missionaries to come together for 3 weeks to learn how to Farm God’s Way. Held on the Growing Nations demonstration farm in Lesotho, the founder of the project, August Basson and other members of the team will teach the main principles of Conservation Agriculture & Transformational Development. Participants will have the opportunity to take part in practical demonstrations, classroom teachings and to meet local farmers to hear how their lives have been transformed. You will also be able to spend time with the resident Basotho students learning at Growing Nations.


Dates: February 24-March 14, 2020

Application Deadline: December 1, 2019.

How much support will I raise? ~$6,500

Download the info sheet: Farming Quest 2020 Flyer

Diaspora Ministries

DIASPORA refers to people groups who are living outside of their native country.  We are in an exciting time in World Missions when so much of the world is coming to us. Gain experience this summer and be part of what God is doing all over the world!

Summer Dream Teams

Each day African migrants and refugees are landing on the shores of Europe with hopes of finding a better life.  There is huge opportunity for the gospel as many are from unreached people groups. It is also an opportunity to meet needy people and offer them hope as well as connecting them with partner organizations and local churches who can give long term assistance.

What will I do? The teams will be 7-10 members each and led by experienced AIM missionaries.  They will be equipped with training and materials to assist with evangelism and research.  We will be partnering with people on the ground who have ongoing work so follow up can be done.

When can I serve? June 24-July 11, 2020

Application deadline: March 15, 2020

How much support do I need to raise? $3500-$3800

Download the info sheet: DREAM Team 2020 Promo Sheet

Watch this Dream Team Video