Full Term

If God is calling you to ministry in Africa we would love to help you get there.

Making disciples of Jesus Christ is all about building relationships with people – especially in Africa.  Full Term ministry assignments provide the time that is needed to learn a new language and culture in order to build trust with people.  Over time, relationships are formed as a foundation for sharing the Gospel and helping new believers to know how to obey all that Jesus commanded (Matthew 28:19-20).  Current research suggests that it takes 8-10 years of ministry in order to establish a network of reproducing churches who will reach out to their own ethnic group.  We aren’t expecting everyone to commit for that length of time but hope that some will even stay longer.  Are you up to the challenge?

If God is calling you to Full Term service, AIM offers many opportunities to serve for one year or longer.

Opportunities for Full-term Ministry include:

 AIM’s vision is to see Christ-centred churches established and thriving among all of Africa’s peoples.  Our focus is on African ethnic groups who are unreached (a tribe with less than 2% of its population being born again followers of Jesus Christ).  If you have a heart for evangelism, discipleship and church planting, we’d love to explore where you will fit best.

Most of AIM’s outreach and church-planting efforts among unreached people groups are done through teams.

TIMO (Training in Ministry Outreach)  is our two-year missionary training program. TIMO is designed to equip new missionaries for a lifetime of ministry. Teams are placed among one of Africa’s unreached or least-reached people groups for two years. Working under the leadership of seasoned missionaries, the team works to learn the language and culture of their host people and seeks ways to share Christ. Many teams have planted churches during their two-year term, and some return to minister among their host people group after completing the program. Learn more about TIMO here.

FOCUS Teams are outreach teams formed under the leadership of experienced missionaries.  These teams will seek to minister within unreached tribes using such things as agriculture, holistic community development, medical work, education (based on the community’s needs),  and to share the Gospel in word and action.  Teams will meet regularly for mutual encouragement and may also engage in a learning curriculum together.  Over time, our prayer is that a church-planting movement will start within an ethic group.

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While Christ was on earth he spent much of his time discipling 12 men.  With the goal of establishing Christ-centered churches, AIM recognizes that young churches will only mature and grow if they are led by Christ-centered leaders.

Over the past century, the Church in Africa has grown at a tremendous rate and there is a severe shortage of qualified pastors and Bible teachers. Pastors are routinely charged with 5 or more congregations– far more than they can effectively shepherd. AIM is committed to meeting this need through our Theological Education ministries. If you have a solid foundation for Bible teaching and a heart for people, there are many opportunities to make a real difference by helping equip Africa’s future church leaders.

Traditional Bible colleges and seminaries have been established to provide training for church leaders.  However, many who are charged with church leadership are isolated or are leading small house churches.  For this growing group of church leaders AIM is seeking to employ more informal means to train men and women for leadership roles.

Opportunities for:

  • Disciplers
  • Missionary Trainers
  • Theological Educators
  • Administrators
  • Theological Education by Extension (TEE)

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Africa Inland Mission’s medical ministries take on many forms, from mobile clinics providing basic medical care in isolated communities to work in large government-run hospitals providing complex surgeries, longer-term care, education and prevention. In addition to meeting incredible physical needs, AIM’s medical ministries involve making disciples – of patients and medical colleagues.  There are opportunities to train African medical professionals and to encourage them to practice medicine within an unreached community where they can help to see a church planted there.  AIM’s medical ministries are increasingly taking place through placing medical professionals on outreach teams in locations where they use their medical training among an unreached people group.   


Opportunities for:

  • Doctors/Surgeons
  • Nurses
  • HIV/AIDS Workers
  • Physical Therapists

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Africa needs well-trained godly teachers desperately.  AIM is looking for trained teachers who are willing to provide classroom teaching in underserved outreach areas.  There are also opportunities to provide training for national teachers, to improve their teaching skills and to instill a vision of how God can use them in making disciples among the students that they teach.  Our desire is to have teachers join us who have a passion for outreach and a love for children and youth.
If you don’t have a teaching degree but still have a desire to be involved in impacting the lives of students and teachers, we can explore options like becoming a school chaplain or teaching subjects that you are familiar with. Native English speakers, for example, may be needed to help students who are working hard to learn English as a second (or third) language.  Complete the Ministry Interests Form below and we’ll talk about how you could help meet the need in national schools – and have an impact on the next generation of leaders in a local community.

Opportunities for:

  • School teachers
  • Teacher trainers

Tell us your ministry interests by filling out our Ministry Interests Form.

Holistic community development takes place among unreached people groups as we proclaim Jesus through word and action.  If you are trained in Community Development or Agriculture, AIM offers opportunities to make a difference in communities where there is a need for clean drinking water, sustainable sources of fuel, improved farming methods, reforestation, or public health education programs in public schools.  If you have a passion to see people transformed by the life-transforming message of salvation through Jesus and to see their community transformed through sustainable development, complete the form below for more information.

Opportunities for:

  • Agriculturalists
  • Animal Health Specialists
  • Community Health Workers
  • Civil engineers

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Research has shown that around the world, 80% of Christians trusted Christ between the ages of 4 and 14 – a demographic that has come to be known as the “4/14 Window.” On a continent where nearly half the population falls within this window, the opportunities for ministry to children and youth are tremendous.  AIM focuses its ministry among unreached people groups with the goal of establishing churches among them.  If you have training and skills for ministry to children and a passion for evangelism and discipleship, your gifts can be a valuable asset on a ministry team.

Contact AIM to learn more about opportunities to minister among the children and youth of Africa.

Tell us your ministry interests by filling out our Ministry Interests Form.

Africa Inland Mission is deeply committed to providing a broad range of quality educational options for the children of our missionary team.  TCK’s (Third Culture Kids) have unique challenges and opportunities.  Teachers, dorm parents, school administrators and support staff serve in schools dedicated to providing a Christian education for expat and national students.  As AIM pushes to reach people groups in more remote locations or where educational options are limited, there is an increasing need for individuals to provide support for a family (or group of families) whose children are home schooled.  Those dedicated to TCK education play an integral part in AIM’s overall ministry as they invest themselves in the children of our missionaries. If God has equipped you for this unique aspect of ministry we’d love to explore the opportunities with you.

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Missions requires a team effort, and many of AIM’s personnel play a vital role in our overall ministry through the support services they provide. Some are pilots, flying missionaries and supplies into remote airstrips. IT specialists make sure our computers and communications systems stay up and running.  Administrators and accountants/bookkeepers provide expertise to keep the organization running smoothly.  Those with leadership gifts provide vision and direction at various levels of AIM’s ministries.  Others are professional counsellors and psychiatrists who provide care for workers who need help and support.  All are crucial to the task and much of what we do in outreach, African church leader development, and catalyzing the African church toward cross-cultural mission would not be possible without those who work the front lines of our support services.

 Opportunities for:

  • Administrators
  • Pilots and Aviation Mechanics (See AIM AIR–AIM’s aviation wing)
  • IT Specialists
  • Accountants and Bookkeepers
  • Logistics Specialists
  • Counsellors and Psychiatrists

Tell us your ministry interests by filling out our Ministry Interests Form.

Full Term Application Process

Step One:

Fill out the Ministry Interests Form which will be directed to your local Provincial Mobilizer.

Step Two:

Wait for your Provincial Mobilizer to get in touch.

Step Three:

Once you’ve interacted with your Provincial Mobilizer, he or she will give you access to an application form. Your Provincial Mobilizer will be your point-person throughout the process, and will help answer any questions you may have along the way.