Category: prayer

February 28

Published on February 28, 2020 under prayer
Lyle Wilton is officially retired but far from finished with ministry. He resides in Alberta and is currently on a trip to DRC, Tanzania and Kenya where he is auditing different AIM supported ministries. Pray…
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February 27

Published on February 27, 2020 under prayer
The Ndengereko are a Bantu speaking tribe centralized between the Ruvu and Rufigi Rivers on the southern coast of Tanzania. The Ndengereko are subsistence farmers, growing maize rice, cashews, and sesame. They are very community…
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February 26

Published on February 26, 2020 under prayer
Pray for Ray and Bev Jealouse living in Oshawa. Pray for health for Ray especially as he has yet again had to undergo another procedure for his heart. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, for…
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February 25

Published on February 25, 2020 under prayer
Dan Browett, Finance Director for AIM Canada writes, “We look to the Lord for His financial provision in 2020. Pray that the support needs for our missionaries (including appointees), short termers, and the general fund…
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February 24

Published on February 24, 2020 under prayer
John and Pam Wollman serve at the AIM US office in Peachtree City, Georgia. John writes, “I am resting up and recouping from a 10 foot fall from our roof on January 11. Only 2…
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February 23

Published on February 23, 2020 under prayer
Larry and Joanne Clements are retirees living in Ontario after many years of service in DRC (Zaire). This month, Joanne and Larry have the opportunity to visit Media in Florida when they visit the Rondeaus…
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February 22

Published on February 22, 2020 under prayer
Byron and Erica Bright serve in Chad. Please pray for a team that Byron is leading with several young Chadian and non-Chadian men. The team is involved in outreach in their local community. Pray for…
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February 21

Published on February 21, 2020 under prayer
Rosemary Walker is currently in Tanzania working with Nassa Theological College teaching students English as a second language as well as typing skills. Pray for stamina each and every busy day. Pray for good closure…
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February 20

Published on February 20, 2020 under prayer
The land of the Nyang’atom people (also known as Donyiro) straddles the border of Ethiopia and South Sudan. The people are animists who are very conscious of the spirit world; they have local religious practitioners…
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February 19

Published on February 19, 2020 under prayer
Jim and Elaine Methven have retired from full term ministry with AIM. Jim continues to lead a home group every other week and leads worship once a month at church. Pray that he will continue…
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