Category: prayer

August 23

Published on August 23, 2019 under prayer
Today our Donor Development and Provincial Mobilizer staff are meeting to review the past year and explore the next.  Please pray that our God will share and clearly communicate his will. Pray our staff will hear…
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August 22

Published on August 22, 2019 under prayer
Pray for the Antandroy of Southern Madagascar. They acknowledge there is a God, but He is far away and not involved in their lives. They look to their ancestors for blessings and try to appease…
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August 21

Published on August 21, 2019 under prayer
Paul and Angie Evans, Provincial Mobilizers for Western Canada say, “We’re thankful for times of rest and renewal while at home through most of July. Thankful for continued inquiries and interest through the summer months. Pray…
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August 20

Published on August 20, 2019 under prayer
The Kacipo live in the Boma plateau region of South Sudan. They believe in the existence of a supreme being- God -as well as lesser spirits. They offer sacrifices and pray through a medium in times…
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August 19

Published on August 19, 2019 under prayer
AIM Canada Director, Dan Baetz, writes, “Please pray for the churches in Canada. They often feel overwhelmed by massive cultural shifts and change in their communities. Pray that they would increasingly be missions minded to deal…
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August 18

Published on August 18, 2019 under prayer
The Ik are a small group who live in northeastern Uganda. Praise to JESUS who is at work in the Ik communities in Uganda. On Sundays there are now at least six locations where people…
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August 17

Published on August 17, 2019 under prayer
B and C* serve among the Diaspora of Manitoba. They write, “We will be heading to Ontario in August to be apart of MAC camp and get some experience as we plan to have one…
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August 16

Published on August 16, 2019 under prayer
Heidi Plett teaches at Wellspring Academy in Chad. She says, “Wellspring’s new school year is beginning on the 20th of this month. Please pray for our new teacher, Julia, who has just arrived and has minimal…
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August 15

Published on August 15, 2019 under prayer
G and J* will be returning to the States to await the arrival of their twins expected this Fall. Pray for a smooth pregnancy for J*.  G* completed the CELTA English teaching course in June which…
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August 14

Published on August 14, 2019 under prayer
R and M* serve in North Africa where R* uses his skills in photography to operate a business there. They say, “Pray that the couple at Crossfit would have their hearts softened to truth; that…
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