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August 5

Published on August 5, 2019 under prayer

Tony and Rose Dickens live in BC and write, “We’ve had a lot of rain lately but nobody is complaining. It is exactly 2 years ago that we had 100 lightening strikes around town, which led to the evacuation of our whole town. We would not like a repeat of that experience. Praise; Last week-end at our annual Stampede we were involved in a Gospel outreach, and we saw 12 people pray to accept the Lord. Pray; We will be speaking at the Lake of the Trees Bible Camp from August 7 – 10. We will be speaking 5 times. The ages of the campers are 7-9 years old, so we are now preparing our talks. Since Tony`s surgery last month on his carotid artery his speech has been affected and is having trouble with clear pronunciation. So pray that this will improve by the time we go to camp.”  


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