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AIM AIR Intern – Morgan Krogstad

Published on July 16, 2019 under news
AIM AIR Intern – Morgan Krogstad

The idea of missions and serving at some point in my life has been on my mind from the age of twelve. My parents were very passionate about serving and their excitement for serving others was carried through raising myself and my four siblings. Through their excitement they taught us to follow our passions while being sure to glorify the Lord while doing so. With this encouragement, I followed my passions to begin studying Aviation and Intercultural studies at Providence University and College in Otterburne, Manitoba. During a semester of my studies, representatives from Africa Inland Mission (A.I.M) came onto campus for a ‘mission’s day’, where I was provided with more information on A.I.M and, because of my studies in aviation, I was very intrigued about the A.I.M AIR division. A.I.M AIR is the aviation division of A.I.M providing logistical support to missionaries all across Africa. Providing them with supplies and transportation to all regions of Africa as well as providing evacuation assistance in emergency situations.

Since arriving in Nairobi three weeks ago, as an A.I.M. AIR intern I have been working at Wilson airport in the hanger. Working here was twofold; to be able to witness the work that goes into being an A.I.M AIR pilot, as well as engage in conversation with the pilots and other personnel to gain as much information about how flights are planned and carried out. I also have had the privilege of going on two flights to see the procedures and routines of an A.I.M. AIR pilot. For the next two weeks I will be participating in intercultural training and preparation for my time in Kijabe. Following the training, I will be spending five weeks in Tanzania serving among the Alagwa people, discipling and sharing the gospel.

My time here in Nairobi has been very fruitful as I have had the privilege of spending a great deal of time with the other A.I.M AIR Interns. Together we have had the privilege of being able to explore the local scenery on weekends, as well as enter meaningful discussions about our lives and our personal relationship with God. I believe that during my time here God is constantly reminding me of my favourite passage in Isaiah 26:3, which states, “you will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you” (NIV). Being able to build relationships with not only the people here in Nairaboi, I have been able to gain a better relationship with God, by gaining a better understanding of how to trust Him in everything I do.

For the remainder of my time of service I ask that you keep me in your prayers, that I will be able to better learn Swahili as it is very difficult to learn, past a couple of short phrases. I will be needing to have a better grasp of Swahili as I will be traveling to a prodominatently swahili speaking region of Kijabe. I am extremely thankful for how hospitable and welcoming the locals have been thus far in my trip, and pray that I will be able to genuinely know them as they wish to know me.


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