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Things I know (Musings of an experienced missionary)

Published on July 14, 2017 under news
Things I know (Musings of an experienced missionary)

Dear Friends,

I woke up the other morning and it occurred to me that I know quite a bit.

I know when I can barely move the ladder to another cut, it’s time to quit.

I know my strength is gone when I can hardly put the yard tools away – but it’s a good use of my strength.

I know when a little bit of trimming and cleaning the yard make a huge difference we probably waited too long to do it.

I know when I play the worst game of golf in my life that it is okay.

I know when the shower is full cold and it’s too hot to stand under that I should invest in solar heating or I can remember fondly the showers I had in northern Kenya.

I know I miss my dad and mom when I find myself doing things that bring them to mind with a smile – like using a stubby pencil in the workshop.

I know I desire to see more of my boys’ families and that I’m grateful for video communication.

I know Dick Tracy was way ahead of his time. Well, at least his wristwatch maker was.


I know that when I have no enthusiasm for anything on Saturday morning that after committing my day to God and trust Him to speak into my day that even if I do nothing, He loves me the same.

I know that God has done a work in my heart and mind when I think about the complexity and accuracy demanded for AIM’s change to new donor and finance software and I am not anxious.

I know I need people to pray for me when I think about the complexity and accuracy demanded for AIM’s change to new donor and finance software and I am not anxious. J

I know that God, our Creator, must be beyond wonderfully beautiful when I look at our water lilies and calla lilies in full bloom.

I know that my days of deepest peace are those I totally release my plans and expectations to Jesus.

I know how easily I settle for joy and contentment in my accomplishments rather than in God Himself.

I know God is always at work and desires us to walk with Him in contentment, joy and confidence.

I know God’s Spirit is at work when Africans understand His grace and forgiveness and are willing to burn the fetishes that bind them to their dark past.

I know that when African nationals are excited about hearing and reading the Bible that God is drawing them to Himself.

I know that God’s love is better than life.

I know that people are praying for us and that prayer does make a difference in God’s eternal plan for each of us.

I know I miss being that missionary learning a local language hoping to discover a redemptive analogy.

I know God has directed my life and given me contentment in learning different programming languages to “rope hold” and enable others to learn local languages.


I know “Thank you” is inadequate to express our appreciation to friends and family who have been prayer and financial partners for almost 40 years.

However, thank you for your investment in our lives and God’s kingdom through our work.


What do you know?


Under His wings because of His grace,



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