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The power of being present

Published on August 21, 2017 under news
The power of being present

Have you ever wondered if just “being there” makes a difference?

Our AIM Canada office is a very humble building among a row of apartment buildings on a very busy street.  Once in a blue moon we’ll have someone walk in as they pass by to ask who we are and what we do.  But mostly people just walk on by. With most of our attention focused on our missionaries serving 1000s of km away, we don’t often think about what kind of presence we have in our neighbourhood.  Last week we got a card in the mail that reminded us that we are a part of this community.


Dear Africa Inland Mission,

I am a Christian post-secondary student who lives quite close to your Toronto office on Victoria Park. I pass almost every day on the bus (and have done so for the past 3 years). I have always been curious as to whether it was a Christian mission or different. Occasionally I have prayed for your ministry (in case it was Christian) as I pass.

This morning, I was looking at books online and an ad for AIM came up. I clicked on it and read the testimony of what is going on in Nosy Mitsio. I was very encouraged and uplifted in my heart to hear of another ministry doing intentional long-term work for the spread of the Gospel among all nations.

May our gracious Father richly bless you all in His work. May He keep you with your eyes and hearts fixated on His loving sacrifice, and may you be filled to the brim with hope ad encouragement of His power and the eternal life available through His resurrection. May He give you strength in dry and hard seasons, that you would continue to run the race till the end, that He may call you good and faithful servants!

Much love, in Christ

Mary Ann


Thank you Mary Ann for your card and prayers.  Thank you for reminding us that we do have a presence here on Victoria Park Ave and that God can use us even here.

May the Lord give us all opportunities to bless those around us!



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