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At AIM we recognize the ultimate necessity of prayer as foundational for all that we do in spiritual ministry.  Nothing of lasting spiritual value will happen without our complete reliance on God to produce fruit.

Africa is home to over 1000 people groups who have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. Our priority as a mission is to reach Africa’s unreached and to one day see Christ-centered churches established and thriving across the continent. It’s an enormous task and one that can only be accomplished through prayer.  Pray with us that God’s Kingdom will come and that His will would be done in Africa.

The Intercessor’s Guide

AIM Canada’s Intercessor’s Guide provides daily prayer requests relating to our Canadian personnel and their ministries.  A new guide is produced each month to provide current updates and requests.  Complete the form at left to receive your monthly copy by email.  To recieve a paper copy by mail, send an email requesting the Intercessor’s Guide to with your name and address.

Pray Africa

Pray Africa is a website developed by AIM which provides information and prayer requests relating to the unreached people groups which AIM has identified as priorities.  There are over 900 people groups (ethnic groups) on the continent of Africa who have minimal or no true Christians within their tribal community.  Pray Africa provides information about specific groups – where they live and what their lives and cultures are like, so you can gain a broader understanding of who they are and how you can pray. Visit to learn more.

30 Days of Prayer for Unreached People Groups

Take up the challenge of praying for a new unreached people group every day for 30 days.  If you click below and sign up, an email will be sent to your inbox every day for 30 days with information about an African people group who need a clear witness of the Gospel.

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current prayer requests

  • February 25

    Andrew and Courtney Joy* say, “please pray for Courtney Joy and I this month to find a sense of balance. Balancing our course load, transitioning, fundraising, preaching, applications for French school, Sabbath rhythms whilst making…
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  • February 24

    John and Pam Wollman serve in the IT and Finance departments at the AIM US office in Peachtree City, Georgia. They thank the Lord for help and grace during a very busy giving season. “Our…
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  • February 23

    Larry and Joanne Clements praise the Lord for Larry’s compete recovery from his fall off the ladder in November. They are also thankful for their continued ministry at Amica, Barton, and Renoir. Please pray that…
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  • February 22

    Dan Browett, Finance Director for AIM Canada, writes, “We look to the Lord for His financial provision in 2018. Pray that the support needs for our missionaries (including appointees), short termers, and the general fund…
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  • February 21

    David and Heather Hildebrandt have recently retired from ministry in Nassa Theological College in Tanzania. The say, “Please pray for us as we settle into retirement from Africa to ministry in Moose Jaw. We are…
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  • February 20

    The Machinga live in the Lindi region of Tanzania along the coast and up into the mountains. Please pray that the Machinga will begin to seek the Lord. Pray also for the Christians of other…
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  • February 19

    Jim and Elaine Methven, live in Delta, BC and write, “We are enjoying having the grandkids close by and it gives us lots of opportunity to build into their lives. Elaine’s medication is being changed…
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  • February 18

    Lyle Wilton will soon be traveling to Africa again to use his skills in accounting. He says, “Visas and travel plans are falling into place for financial audit visits to University Shalom in Bunia, DR…
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  • February 17

    Please pray for the Didinga tribe of South Sudan. They accept the existence of a supreme being and the sphere of spirits interacting with the living. They worship and sacrifice to spirits and gods and…
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  • February 16

    Byron and Erica Bright write “Probably our most important and unique prayer item for the months of February/March is for the safe and smooth arrival of our baby #4. 🙂 He/she is due March 9th,…
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RSS Featured Unreached People Groups

  • Rain Desperately Needed
    We have had a three week stretch without rain. The crops here in Usandawe are at a critical point. Please ask Elohim, God of creation, to send rain again. There is much hunger this year because last year’s harvest was not good. As people hunger for physical sustenance, may they also have a hunger for […]
  • Lovely Artist
    A young South Asian came to decorate hands with henna in preparation for a Muslim wedding, and saw some Christians who continue to meet with her and her sisters. She is friendly but not yet hungry for God’s Word or anything other than her Islamic religion. Please pray for the Lord to work in her […]
  • Rendille Muslim Students Need Prayer
    Still keep praying for our Rendille Muslim students. One in Form 4 shows much interest but no definite steps yet. I have a new Bible class this year with one Muslim student who shows zero interest. But God can open hearts and minds. Keep praying for His word to break through tough barriers and for […]