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March 17

Published on March 17, 2019 under prayer

The Karamoja region is a historically marginalized area of Uganda, and the Karamojong carry the stigma of having the lowest sta­tus among the Ugandans. In Karamoja, churches can be found in the larger towns, but many villag­es are relatively untouched by the good news of the Gospel. The Karamojong believe that much of the church teaching is incompatible with their traditions, due to the prevalence of alcohol brew­ing and consumption, the polygamous family sys­tem, and the ancestral gods and belief systems. Thus to become a real follower of Jesus, they be­lieve, would require leaving the social system of family and manyatta relationships, which is a tough step to take in this harsh land. Because of this, much of the religion is traditional African religion with a veneer of Christianity or Islam. Pray the Karamojong would be reached by the Gospel.


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