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March 11

Published on March 11, 2019 under prayer

Jeremy and Leah Krahn say, “Please Pray for the many needs that we have for opening the school. We are still searching for a Tanzanian teacher (and a way to pay him or her!) to support and work with Katie (one of our team-members). We really have too many interested students for just one teacher. Training a Tanzanian teacher would also allow the school to continue with excellence even when our team ends. Continue to Pray for us as a family. We all get tired of being apart and we can all start to feel a little down and discouraged. Pray for our team to continue to persevere in the sometimes-tedious task of language learning. Pray for our support. We Praise him for the people that have contributed since we last wrote, but we are still under supported.  Pray for many opportunities to share the Good News both in deed and word.”


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