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June 7

Published on June 7, 2018 under prayer

Phyl Penner has officially retired from her position as Personnel Assistant at AIM Canada but is still very much a part of our office and ministry life. She says, “Praise to God for the great Home Based Orientation which I was privileged to help with (April/May). Each week I continue to be a ‘language’ helper to 3 ladies, (newcomers to Canada) here in Swift Current. I also volunteer at a program that offers help to unwed Moms who struggle with life control issues. Along with a couple of other volunteers, I help care for the babies/toddlers while others teach the Moms some basic life and child care skills.  Pray that I will have opportunity to testify as to God’s goodness and what He means in my life to those I interact with. Pray, too, for my grandkids as they enter the teenage years, that they will remain strong in their faith and be a light to those around them.”



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