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June 12

Published on June 12, 2018 under prayer

JM* is serving in North Africa. He says, “Based on my experience last year, this month is also a special period where everyday conversations tend to lead to spiritual discussions quite easily and naturally. I can still recall the many questions discussed with my local friends yesterday over lunch: Do you fast? When do you fast? How do you fast? Why do you fast? What time do you start and end your fast? What do you mean you can fast from things like technology and other things besides food? Will you fast with us during this month? Do other Christians in the world fast like you do? While some locals are happy to engage in friendly spiritual discussions, there are also others who are prone to arguing and even slandering in their attempt to earn favour this month. Please prey for much divine wisdom, boldness and PATIENCE in engaging these discussions. Prey for me to have a good attitude to see these conversations as opportunities rather than an ‘annual endless repetitive series of questions’.”


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