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February 14

Published on February 14, 2018 under prayer

JM* writes, “Eleven is a 11 year old boy who had expressed tremendous spiritual hunger. He received a copy of the NT Book with his parent’s approval and has been reading it regularly. He is very enthusiastic in asking many questions about the Christian faith and I’m doing my best to answer them with my limited Arabic. Eleven recently made the decision on his own to profess his faith in following Jesus. However, he wants to keep his new identity a secret from his parents, and we agreed on telling his parents in the future. While I’m super thankful for Eleven’s faith, he is considered a minor which puts me in an awkward situation as to whether I should get involved in discipling him and the extent of my involvement. Please pray for me to have much wisdom and bold witness as I visit Eleven’s family on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Pray also for this family to be open to the Truth and to express the same kind of spiritual hunger as Eleven.”


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