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February 13

Published on February 13, 2018 under prayer

A recent letter from K and K* reads “We are grieved to inform you that our one local Brother that we have spoken of and shared about often, succumbed very suddenly to his deteriorating health condition and went to be in his eternal Home on December 1st. The last months of his life were spent in the most intense persecuti0n that he had faced in his five years of following the Messiah… persecuti0n from his family and from the government left him physically weaker than ever, but he passed away determined to live for Him and declare His Story to his fellow North Africans. ‘John’, in his mid-20’s, was a fun-loving friend to our family, a Brother in Christ and, for us, a neighbour. Last weekend we traveled many hours to be in his home village to partake in some of the three-day funeral, and now that his mother and two siblings are back in our city, I have and will continue to go often to sit with them during the 40-day period that is set aside for mourning. Please prey for these interactions. These are sacred spaces to walk in with people and we do not take the privilege nor the responsibility lightly.”


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