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December 7

Published on December 7, 2017 under prayer

Laura Hickey is the finance manager for AIM’s Central Region Office in Kampala, Uganda. She writes, “As we approach the finish of 2017 we in the finance department are thinking about budgets, getting various accounts set up to help our Units with the variety of needs that they have. Each of our 6 Units has different needs for support from us so we need to work out a system and plan for each one. We pray that we may all work together with the resources that we have and ensure that all of our people have a good way to communicate, travel and receive their allowances and have their needs met. We also pray that God would supply the resources needed to allow our Region to carry out the tasks that He wants us to do. Personally I am thankful for health and strength for each day. Pray for wisdom, patience, guidance and faith for a young woman as she raises her 11-year-old son Brian who had caused concern in the last months. Pray that God would work in his heart, that he would make good choices and settle better into school and life.”


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