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Committed to God’s Service – Colin Gilmore

Published on September 19, 2017 under news
Committed to God’s Service – Colin Gilmore

A Canadian Pilot with a big heart…and a big dream to serve God in Africa. Colin Gilmore from Okatoks, Alberta is pursuing a steadfast commitment to serve God in mission aviation. He continues to conquer in mandatory for flying with AIM AIR.

This dream began with an opportunity to fly an airplane while on a missions trip to Greece. By 2004, he received confirmation from God that serving in missions was part of the plan for his life.


AIM AIR: Africa Inland Mission AIR is a Christian missionary aviation service operating 6 aircrafts from 3 strategic bases in Kenya and Uganda, providing service within Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo and Central African Republic. This air service operates in inhospitable terrain, remote areas which are often difficult to get to by vehicle. To serve as a pilot requires competency in tropical flying, and is only achieved after specific training. The team at AIM AIR strive to bring hope and the good news to some areas of the world where the most forgotten people reside.

AIM AIR serves more than 50 Christian organizations and hundreds of missionaries in the following roles:

  • As a lifeline for transporting people and supplies.
  • Emergency evacuations
  • Airlift for medical and humanitarian needs.

Colin Gilmore is a husband to wife Shelby, and father to a son and daughter.

Colin Gilmore and his service to AIM AIR will be the recipient of funds raised by AIM Canada’s participation in the 2017 Ride for Refuge campaign. Visit www.rideforrefuge.ca for more information or use the following options to make a donation to this worthy cause.


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