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Africa Inland Mission is an evangelical Christian mission agency serving in over 20 African nations and reaching out to Africans living in other countries. With a priority on unreached people groups, our passion is to see Christ-centered churches established and thriving among all of Africa’s peoples, and we’re excited to offer Full Term and Short Term ministry assignments for believers seeking to be a part of God’s redemptive work through missions. Spend a few minutes watching this video and feel our heartbeat.

featured article

  • Exciting News from Madagascar

    Madagascar is a beautiful country off the east coast of the African continent.  Even more beautiful, are the stories coming from our AIM missionaries in that country.  Many of the AIM missionaries have been training…
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  • Health Matters

    nursing staff
    When I agreed to help out at a sub-county government hospital in Kenya, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. I had a few assumptions, but tried not to expect too much….
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  • A Band of New Brothers

    Celebrate with us that we now have 5 new brothers in Christ in northern Madagascar – a band of new brothers, literally.  When the TIMO Team (including 3 Canadian adults and 3 children) arrived on Nosy…
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today's prayer request

  • January 20

    Pray for AIM Canada’s Director, Dan Baetz, as he prepares for another trip to Africa. Beginning tomorrow he will head to Chad to visit with several of our Canadians serving there, then in a week…
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  • January 19

    The Himba are semi-nomadic pastoralists who live in the Kunene Region in northwest Namibia, maintaining much of their traditional lifestyle, in a harsh and dry land. The Himba believe in a creator god [Mukuru] who…
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  • January 18

    Cynthia Robinson will be serving as Short Term Coordinator for Madagascar. She writes, “I’m grateful for the Lord’s provision over the last year, I’ve had a good start with language, the Lord has provided good…
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current needs

  • North Africa ESL Team

    The region of North Africa holds much mystery and diversity and is a fascinating area to visit. It is also a region which is in need of a knowledge of the transforming power of Jesus…
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  • GO North Africa: A two-month training program

    Based in Africa and facilitated by experienced missionaries and national leaders, GO is a two month discipleship and mission training program that seeks to develop Christ-like character and instill basic skills for outreach among unreached…
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  • Single men needed

    In a context in North Africa where it is only appropriate for men to reach out to other men, AIM is seeking single men to join a male-only team.  The two year team will focus…
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